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Surviving Narcissistic Abuse

Join our expert Psychotherapists for Live Support and Q&A.


Book now to join our 75 minute Online Group Support Sessions via Zoom. 



11AM - 12:15PM


7:30PM - 8:45PM 



11AM - 12:15PM


7:30PM - 8:15PM 

Seminar and introduction followed by live Q & A discussion with our expert therapists relating to the weekly topic. For individual consultation thereafter please book a one to one session to be referred to one of our support therapists.

Special guest speakers introduced on occasion.

*Payment non-refundable once booking confirmation is received unless the scheduled event is cancelled.

Group Support

Online support groups with seminars and Q&A and group discussion. 

Narcissistic Abuse Group support 14 weeks

Each week our facilitators will give seminars on matters relating to Narcissistic abuse and exploring how it feels and how to navigate your way out of  an abusive relationship to better understand yourself to make an appropriate flight to health.    

You can choose to sign up for individual modules or you can embark on the full 14 week journey to have live support from our experts in Narcissism

Each 75 minute Weekly Module include:

  1. Love Bombing

  2. Future Faking

  3. The Discard

  4. Triangulation

  5. Gas Lighting

  6. Manipulation

  7. Push – Pull

  8. Trauma Bond Addiction

  9. The Smear Campaign

  10. Sabotage

  11. The Harem

  12. The physical Personality of the Narc

  13. Moving away from the Topic of Narc abuse

  14. Letting go and time to heal

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