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Building healthy team alliances is vital to your business. Our unique approach creates the precursor for you to implement effective change. Effective workshops designed to discover, identify and amelioriate problems within teams and departments in your organisation. We aim to ensure the psychological health and well being of your employees ensuring a more resilient, engaged, and vibrant workforce.

Improve productivity, employee engagement, reduce absenteeism and transform presenteeism. A cohesive work environment with improved communication. 
The results are exponential with each completed process benefiting your employees and you the employer enabling you to envisage a more successful organisation. 

We provide valuable discovery reporting at the end of each completed process. TRP is our flagship product and can be tailored to suit a range of client needs.


Change can be stressful for employees and employers in business. Whether a department, small team or management reorganization we have the solutions to help employees integrate and engage with change. We can offer further bespoke solutions for partial change for teams and departments.

Psychological wellbeing and smooth facilitation of change is our business. Talk to us about your specific requirements.


Ensuring corporate resilience is vital to your business. We can provide your business with vital processes that you and your employees will benefit from during difficult periods during organizational change in your business.  A healthy workforce promotes a healthy and more successfull business.

The emergent outcomes for both employee and employer are smooth facilitation of change during challenging and critical periods. We can offer further bespoke solutions for partial change for teams and departments.


At Septenary Consulting we work towards ensuring the psychological well being and reintegration of your employees via our subtle and effective therapeutic processes.​ We have adept professionals in the field to attend to your needs ensuring your business continues to grow with a resilient and more effective workforce.


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All Practitioners at The Septenary Consulting abide by the code of ethics and good practices framework by the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) and or British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) organisations.  All practioners hold professional liability insurance.

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