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Poetry Meditation: 'Aqua Vitae'  (English Language)


17th century piece cited by C. G. Jung in Aion by an anonymous French author, a strange hybrid, the “round fish,” This fish exists in the oceans of our world; a verifiable vertebrate known to zoology. In the world within which is the primordial ocean of your unconscious: the Echeneis Remora fish represents an eternal psychological truth.  


Easy listening poetic meditation for you to listen to at a time convenient to you. 


Style: relaxing, esoteric, psychology, alchemy.

Duration: 3 minutes : 46 seconds.


Relaxing meditations written by real psychologists & composed by real musicians using the musical notes for 'Aqua Vitae' using our ARES® (Apply Repeat Embed Sustain) technology combines soothing suggestion combined with beautiful music compositions offering you a healthy addition to your well-being regime leading you towards better health in mind and body.


Legal Notice

The information, techniques and exercises in our Meditation Way Meditations and courses are for educational purposes only. Do not use any of our products or services whilst driving or operating machinery or if you suffer from epilepsy, clinical depression or any other psychiatric condition. Our products and services are not a substitute for medical advice. Consult your GP or medical doctor if you have any health concerns.

Poetry Meditation: 'Aqua Vitae' (English version)

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