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Team Resilience Program © (TRP)

Support and psycho-educate your employees towards real resilience.

  • 12 week plan+
  • Zoom Video Session

Service Description

Your employees are in for a treat with our leading TRP resilience procession of group sessions designed to psycho-educate your employees towards true psychological resilience. We can cultivate your employees to experience the real nature of psychology in order for your workforce teams to become effective as individuals to work within their teams. Greater confidence in their communication and ability to express emotion and cope with stress as well as renewed reinvigorated techniques they can also reuse in their personal and home lives. As authentic experts in Psychology, we have the confidence to walk our talk and grow your employees in the same fashion. Talk to us about the challenges you are facing and we will demonstrate how to pave the way ahead for your new workforce with renewed vitality and psychological health and wellbeing. An effective psychotherapeutic process of sessions designed with our APRES © psychological technology enabling your employee to achieve wellness again to serve you again in your workplace. Apply Repeat Embed and Sustain new habits after processing and releasing stress and letting go of old habits which no longer serve you. Book a consultation online to discuss how we can work with your employees to serve you throughout this challenging period as your business goes through a challenging yet exciting transformation.

Upcoming Sessions

Bookings are non-refundable except due to event cancellation*

NB. Cancellations require 7 days notice.

Contact Details

07500 960425

W2 3PE London, UK

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